California Poppy Festival™ vendors benefit from the more than 40,000 patrons who attend the two-day event. Men, women, children, teens and seniors; no matter what your age or interest, there is something at the Festival for everyone.

Poppy Festival Applications

For more information on California Poppy Festival™ vendor applications and wait lists, please email or call the appropriate City of Lancaster contact.

Sample Insurance Certificate and Endorsement Page

*Download the Sample Insurance Certificate and Endorsement Page Requirements above

Vendor Application* Application Deadlines
  Arts & Crafts 4/5/2019
  Commercial 3/22/2019
  Farmers Market 3/22/2019
  Food Area is now full.
  Non-Profit 3/22/2019

Entertainer Application
  Primrose Stage Area is now full.

General Information
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